About Us

Hey Yall! Thanks for stopping! Some of you know where Elane's Boutique started and why but since were getting so many new customers i know some of you may not know. 

Were located in a super small town in Arkansas and around here we like some jeans and tees! The only time we really dress up is to go to town or to church lol. We like to keep it comfy, which most the time isnt a bad thing. But if you wear about the same thing every day you need a variety, different tees for different days and different moods even. Its also important to stand out a little and not have something everyone else has so we started creating our own shirts. We take alot of pride in our work and love making new designs our customers love and can wear over and over. Growing our business is something we for sure are working towards so be sure to check back because we are close to launching our denim collection along other new items! 

We want to say thank you for all of your support, I could never express how much it means to us here at Elane's Boutique! 

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